Customer Portals

Put the power in your customers’ hands


In industries ranging from technology to telecom to utilities, customers are demanding more and better self-service options, and forward-thinking organizations are delivering.

Logic20/20 empowers businesses to leverage self-service platforms in meeting customers where they are, maximizing access to content and services, and improving the customer experience—all while reducing overall costs and empowering service agents to focus on their most engaging work.


of customers have used self-service portals.


of customers say they want more self-service options.


of C-level executives list “empowering customers to self-serve” among their top priorities.

Putting the pieces together

Our proven-effective framework encompasses all dimensions of modern, efficient customer portal implementation:

6 dimensions of customer portal implementation: •	Personas and user categories<br />
•	Channels<br />
•	Solution features<br />
•	Integration points<br />
•	Business processes<br />
•	Geographies and languages

Industry use cases: Where customer portals make a difference


Patient portals offering onboarding, eligibility criteria, messaging with their physicians, FAQs, test results, and more


Guest portals providing self-service options during a stay, information about hotel services, amenities, dining options, spa facilities, and local attractions


Customer portals featuring outage reporting and tracking, bill payment, and customized energy management recommendations


Enhanced customer experiences

Give customers the power to resolve issues on their own, without waiting for help.

Optimized process flows

Remove friction and streamline processes to ensure optimal outcomes.

Maximum accessibility

Optimize user experiences for all through accessibility features and multi-language capabilities.

Faster time to resolution

We leverage the latest technologies to deliver the speed and efficiency customers demand.


Customers can access your portal via multiple self-service channels:


Provide a robust self-service portal directly on the web. Customers can access FAQs, knowledge base articles, and troubleshooting guides 24/7.


Extend your self-service capabilities to mobile devices with a responsive app.



Offer a chat interface within your portal for real-time support. Customers can receive quick answers to basic questions or be directed to relevant self-service resources.

Virtual agents

Deploy a sophisticated AI-powered assistant to answer customer queries around the clock.

Why self-service customer portals are a win-win-win

Woman texting on phone
business team working at a conference table in an office
customer service representative

… for customers

  • Answers and services they need, at their fingertips
  • Fast, efficient solutions
  • 24/7 availability
  • Full control over their interactions and transactions

… for your business

  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Improved efficiency
  • Detailed analytics on customer behaviors, preferences, and pain points
  • Scalability
  • One-stop shop for customer communications

… for your call center team

  • Reduced call volumes
  • Delegation of simple requests such as order tracking and password resets
  • Ability to focus on more complex, engaging tasks
  • Reduced risk of burnout

Ready to empower your customers with high-perfomoring self-service portals? Let’s talk.