Copilot Adoption

Welcome to the future of enterprise efficiency with Microsoft’s Copilot. For large organizations looking to enhance efficiency and improve decision-making, Copilot provides essential tools that integrate seamlessly into existing workflows in applications that your teams use every day, including Microsoft 365, GitHub, Dynamics, and PowerAutomate.

Effective technology adoption positions companies to capitalize on innovation, fostering growth and maintaining competitive advantage in rapidly evolving markets. At Logic20/20, we leverage a strategic implementation framework and reporting solutions to drive Copilot adoption and a greater value from your technology investment.

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Logic20/20 brings on-the-ground experience and tools to help you implement Copilot effectively.

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Strategic implementation framework

Copilot reporting solutions to drive adoption

Copilot use cases

Copilot is designed to adapt to a variety of business functions, from finance and human resources to marketing and operations, enabling tailored solutions that align with specific departmental goals. This adaptability makes Copilot an invaluable tool across all lines of business, meeting diverse enterprise needs with precision.


  • Lead/opportunity summaries
  • Pitch development
  • Personalized communications (complaints responses, customer meetings & engagement)
  • RFP Response development
  • Follow-up reminders 


  • Customer segmentation
  • Idea generation
  • Drafting email & social media posts
  • Summarizing interviews
  • Discovering market trends
  • Communicating results


  • Tier 1 support responses 
  • Data reconciliation across systems 
  • Code automation
  • Summarizing telemetry data
  • Coding language translation


  • Business case development
  • Collections coordination
  • Accounts/invoices summarization
  • Collections prioritization
  • Data analysis in Excel (writing formulas)


  • Augmented hiring workflows
  • Job transition management
  • Benefits and compensation update support
  • Interview question support
  • Performance review summarization


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