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Digital Transformation

- Clarity to scale -

Scale your growth with useful and innovative technology We help companies to grow and scale by combining industry insights with innovative IT, and by automating repetitive business processes through smart technology.

Having the right technology can be the key to customer growth, communication, and peer-to-peer collaboration - everything from chatbots, to marketing, to a CRM implementation that is aligned with business goals. Technology is rapidly evolving; Logic20/20’s digital transformation principles and services provide your organization with improved actionable solutions, streamlined collaboration in the cloud, and other digital technology enablement, so that you see the maximum business impact. Our consultants approach technology as a tool to solve business challenges; our solutions are tailored to your specific needs and are mindful to your digital strategy so you'll see the greatest return on your technology investment. 


Whether it's time for a full digital transformation to new technology, or a refresh on systems and applications, our business and technology consultants can help you grow and transition, with a careful eye towards your legacy systems. 



Digital Technology Enablement


Custom and Packaged Software Solutions

Solutions and applications for common and unique business needs that fit seamlessly with your company technology and infrastructure.

Content Management System (CMS) Implementation

Improved user management and publishing of content through well designed CMS.

CRM Implementation

Implementation, customization, & management of your data and customer relationship management solutions

ChatBot Solutions

Implementation of ChatBot and AI solutions for webchat, SMS, and social messaging to improve customer service, increase sales, and streamline business processes.

Cloud-based Solutions

Accelerate enterprise cloud implementation, online collaboration, and strategic planning.

Technical Project Management

Successful end-to-end delivery of technical projects, through alignment of people, processes, and technology.

Digital Marketing Operations

Identify and secure long-term customers through integrated digital technologies, content management, and data-driven marketing insights.

UX/UI Design and Implementation

Improved navigation and usability of web and mobile interfaces that produce effective, efficient results.

Solution Architecture

Simple and elegant designs for your technology challenges; architected and implemented.

AWS Well-Architected Review

Implement framework best practices

The AWS Well-Architected Framework provides a consistent approach to cloud architecture and is built on five key pillars. Logic20/20 is certified to perform Well-Architected reviews; we’ll identify areas to improve your workload and create applications that are secure, high-performing, and resilient.


Well-Architected Reviews
AWS Well-Architected Review
Customer Engagement

Customer Engagement

Making customer engagement your strategic advantage.

In today’s business landscape, the effectiveness of your customer engagement is now just as important as the goods and services your business provides.


We deliver cutting edge solutions that enable multi-channel customer engagement, real time analytics, and secure connections.


Learn more about customer engagement solutions.

Analytics Hub

Increase ease of use and user adoption for analytics assets.

Your organization probably spends a lot of time and resources developing business intelligence dashboards to create a data-driven culture.


Analytics Hubs allow you to access all the dashboard and analytics assets in your company, irrespective of technology, location, and department. Analytics Hubs focus on user experience, delivering relevant and timely content about the analytics assets and encouraging user interaction and feedback.


Learn more about Analytics Hubs
Customer Engagement




Digital Transformation Case Studies



Streamlined new member signup

Seattle-based Foundation

Identifying key influencers

Cambia Health

Enterprise Service Management


Data Warehouse & Qlik


Membership support


Xbox – Streamline workflow for game developers


Strategic solutions roadmap


Strategic design implementation


Marketing & sales insight


Scalable & Maintainable Analytics Environment




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