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Digital Transformation

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Scale your growth with useful technology We help companies to grow and scale by combining industry insights with innovative IT, and by automating repetitive business processes through smart technology.

Having the right technology can be the key to customer growth, communication, and peer-to-peer collaboration - everything from chatbots, to marketing, to a CRM that is aligned with business goals. Logic20/20’s digital transformation services provide your organization with improved actionable solutions, streamlined collaboration in the cloud, and other digital technology enablement, so that you see the maximum business impact. We approach technology as a tool to solve business challenges; our solutions are tailored to your specific needs and are mindful to your digital strategy; you'll see the greatest return on your technology investment. 



Digital Technology Enablement


Custom and Packaged Software Solutions

Solutions and applications for common and unique business needs that fit seamlessly with your company technology and infrastructure.

Content Management System (CMS) Implementation

Improved user management and publishing of content through well designed CMS.

CRM Implementation

Implementation, customization, & management of your data and customer relationship management solutions

ChatBot Solutions

Implementation of ChatBot and AI solutions for webchat, SMS, and social messaging to improve customer service, increase sales, and streamline business processes.

Cloud-based Solutions

Accelerate enterprise cloud implementation, online collaboration, and strategic planning.

Technical Project Management

Successful end-to-end delivery of technical projects, through alignment of people, processes, and technology.

Digital Marketing Operations

Identify and secure long-term customers through integrated digital technologies, content management, and data-driven marketing insights.

UX/UI Design and Implementation

Improved navigation and usability of web and mobile interfaces that produce effective, efficient results.

Solution Architecture

Simple and elegant designs for your technology challenges; architected and implemented.


Digital Transformation Featured Solutions


Data governance & data integration

Data governance and data integration best practices:

Creating a data governance plan and integrating data across platforms are the first steps to establishing a strong analytics program. Data governance is a comprehensive operating model that ties together data management, the architecture that stores your data, and the people that use that data. It is the decision-making framework for all data-related matters. Data integration unifies data from across the organization, enabling well informed decisions about your whole business.


Read more about how data governance with support your analytics strategy

Digital Marketing Operations

Logic20/20 digital marketing operation specialists help companies execute critical marketing initiatives that put customers at the heart of their business. With expertise in content marketing, marketing automation, and research and analytics, we will help manage your marketing environment to create long term customer value.
With a proven track record of helping a broad range of clients such as Intel, Expedia, and Microsoft, Logic20/20's business and technology consultants have the expertise to provide immediate value to you and your company.

 Digital Marketing Operations
SharePoint solutions for increased collaboration

SharePoint migrations to the cloud

The ever-increasing need to collaborate and distribute information in today’s social/economic climate has made it important for companies of all sizes to find functional and customizable solutions. SharePoint offers a central, secure passage for employees to access up-to-date content on the go and share ideas. Logic20/20's SharePoint consulting teams gather your companies requirements for access, security, data management, and customization and create a seamless SharePoint migration or implementation plan that supports collaboration and increases productivity.

DevOps Methodology

The best way to think about DevOps is the over-arching methodology of how your development team and operations team work together in a cohesive fashion. DevOps breaks down the silos between development teams and operations teams, having them work together seamlessly (and constantly) while creating and maintaining their solutions.


While DevOps methodology can be utilized for many development projects, it is extremely well suited for the scalability and easy deployment of cloud solutions.


Read more about how DevOps can increase productivity on development projects.

DevOps Methodology
User Experience Design

Drive impact through great User Experience Design

Our team understands how difficult it is for both external and internal websites and solutions to drive the desired business outcomes to fruition. Our business and technology consultants take a very pragmatic approach; developing and implementing effective and efficient user interfaces that actually convert client goals into successful outcomes. Learn more about our process and contact us to brainstorm your challenges with our team.





Digital Transformation Case Studies



Streamlined new member signup

Seattle-based Foundation

Identifying key influencers

Cambia Health

Enterprise Service Management


Data Warehouse & Qlik


Membership support


Xbox – Streamline workflow for game developers


Strategic solutions roadmap


Strategic design implementation


Marketing & sales insight

Allen Institute

SharePoint form process & design




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