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Strategy & Operations

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Performance and differentiation through strategy and optimization.Unlocking the true potential of strategic initiatives and operations through the right blend of people, processes, and technology.

Business isn't getting easier. Forming the right strategy is difficult. It's one thing to come up with a great plan, but it's another to successfully execute it. As a company grows, they are faced with a multitude of operational issues that accompany progress that is made. Combine these issues along with choosing the right direction for your organization, keeping up with transformation, simplifying complicated systems and processes, and coping with market competition and you have the perfect storm in your business.


We help bring clarity to complex challenges, while streamlining processes and providing the proper resources to run a business by bridging multiple areas of expertise and technologies. The end result is a high-level product that simply works.

Strategy & Operations Capabilities

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Corporate & business strategy

We help companies evaluate their strategies and we serve as their advisor and guide through each step of their strategic journey.

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Business process optimization

We design end-to-end business processes that streamline operations to capture improvements in productivity, cycle times and quality.

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Organizational transformation

We help clients reinvent their organization, revise their business model and improve performance based on a clear vision for the future.

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Product strategy & operations

We help our clients outline a strategic vision of their products and help align them towards delivering on this core product vision.

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Project management

We bring perspective and understanding key business priorities, dependencies, and stakeholders to deliver results.

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PMO design & operations

We build in structure to help management get the most out of their resources while advancing core priorities.

Customer Engagement

Customer Engagement

Making customer engagement your strategic advantage.

In today’s business landscape, the effectiveness of your customer engagement is now just as important as the goods and services your business provides.


We deliver cutting edge solutions that enable multi-channel customer engagement, real time analytics, and secure connections.


Learn more about customer engagement solutions.

Change Management Process

Monitor and visualize organizational KPIs.

The Change Management Process leads companies step-by-step through the process of successful organizational change and implementation of new initiatives.


The entire process ensures alignment between leaders, stakeholders, and users and the adoption of new ways to use your data for actionable insight to drive business value.


Learn more about the change management process.
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Practice Area Lead

Rich Sturm

Rich Sturm
Experienced in developing customized client solutions for operations leadership, strategic change, performance optimization, and more.


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