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When a global technology company needed to streamline and optimize their commercial digital marketing operations, they turned to Logic20/20. Our team eliminated barriers to knowledge sharing and implemented a solution that ensures seamless access to information, a continuous line of communication with local marketing teams, and consistency across marketing services, content, and processes. Today we manage an expansive ecosystem of teams, programs, and projects—covering engineering, business products and services, and marketing—to develop impactful assets and place them at the service of teams around the world.

We brought our expertise and experience in

• Project management offices

• Knowledge sharing

• Workstream optimization

• Change management

• Program improvement

• Community management

Centralizing support for marketing teams worldwide

Our client ranks among the world’s largest technology companies, with localized operations in countries around the world. Their commercial marketing organization develops and delivers repeatable marketing services and strategies that can be customized and leveraged by all local marketing teams. The organization ensures that members of their global marketing community have the resources they need, when they need them, while also ensuring consistency, quality, and cost efficiency.

A challenging multi-vendor environment

The commercial marketing organization was working with multiple vendors around the world—up to 40 of them—each with its own approaches, standards, and modes of working. Coordinating this crowd of diverse providers was creating inefficiencies that hampered the team’s ability to serve its community.

As Logic20/20 had partnered successfully with this team on several occasions, they felt confident coming to us to create a streamlined, optimized organization to serve their global commercial marketing needs.

Creating an optimized commercial marketing hub

Logic20/20 brought in a dedicated team to replace the multi-vendor patchwork with a project management organization (PMO). Bringing all our client’s global commercial marketing operations under one roof, we took ownership of a huge ecosystem that serves and coordinates service line managers, marketing coordinators, and operations and engineering teams. We launched into a mission to deliver marketing service excellence and expansion, supported by three pillars:

Pillar 1: Expertise

Logic20/20 quickly developed an in-depth knowledge of the tools and platforms our client uses for commercial marketing services. Our team established themselves as experts in our client’s global marketing operations and used this expertise to benefit the organization in ways ranging from onboarding new employees to driving program improvements.

Our expertise and prior experience played a vital role in the creation of an event management center that serves as a single destination to support the planning and execution of in-person and virtual marketing events on a global scale. This proprietary application is integrated into other field marketing services and plays a key role in a larger demand engine that drives sales-qualified leads downstream. Local marketing teams have access to services encompassing registration management, waitlist functionalities, and even real-time reporting on their events promoting our client’s products and services.

“We have delivered 4,000+ events on [the event management center] since its inception … It makes me so proud and thankful for each of you who has been working tirelessly on this platform to make it successful.”
— Our client’s director overseeing the event management center

Pillar 2: Program improvements

With a focus on maintaining streamlined business operations while expanding services, Logic20/20 leveraged our industry and platform expertise in identifying and deploying multiple services and solutions.

After we had established the PMO, we were approached by a related business group that had been running its own marketing operations. They wanted to leverage the model we had built, and we helped facilitate that integration. Not only did we standardize and align their operations with that of the global commercial marketing organization, but we also developed a full suite of training materials and educational resources to ensure that their team had all the knowledge and skills they needed for a successful transition.

Pillar 3: Community management

Our PMO built and managed communities that encompass marketing teams around the world, creating an optimized platform for delivering documentation and programmatic updates and facilitating knowledge sharing.

When we noticed a large number of requests from local marketing organizations for budgeting and spend guidance for their activities, our team created a dedicated community around this need. Our budgeting team of marketing coordinators deliver a personalized stakeholder experience encompassing playbook creation, monthly community calls, organized trainings, one-on-one consultations, and other white-glove services. Specific deliverables include

• Monitoring tools to help field marketing teams better manage their budget and spend

• Analytics to give leadership visibility into how the organization’s $500 million budget is being spent and how ROI is being created

• Detailed processes for troubleshooting problems to decrease the number of escalations

• Onboarding processes that enable new budget specialists on local marketing teams to get up to speed quickly and begin delivering value

Raising the bar on global marketing services

Our client now delivers a standardized, optimized experience for all its local marketing teams around the world.

• Through a communications ecosystem that encompasses Yammer, email, and monthly conference calls, local marketing teams stay fully informed on updates to services, new deployments, changes to governance practices or processes, and any other mission-critical developments.

• Our team’s top priority is ensuring that the business runs smoothly and efficiently on a day-to-day basis, and that any disruptions are addressed before they can turn into problems. This gives our stakeholders tremendous peace of mind, allowing them to remain focused on strategic matters. At the same time, we always keep an eye towards scalability, innovation, and improvement, and we collaborate with our client to pursue those opportunities as they arise.

• We have “de-siloed” workstreams and knowledge management, developing standardized processes and ensuring unencumbered access to information and best practices .

Looking ahead

While we have already achieved tremendous success in this partnership with our client, we feel we’re just getting started. The modestly sized team that established our PMO has more than tripled in size, and the scope of our work continues to increase. Plans are in place to create a suite of new marketing services, including accessibility compliance, social media marketing, re-branding, and campaign planning.

Not only is our client delighted with our work, but other teams in the organization have taken note of our success and inquired about how Logic20/20 can do the same for them.

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Paul Lee

Philip Leander is a Manager in Logic20/20’s Strategy & Operations practice.