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A large West Coast utility recognized the need to improve service customer experiences for builders and contractors. They partnered with Logic20/20 to develop a responsive, UX-optimized builder services portal to consolidate service applications and updates in one easily accessible location. This digital initiative streamlines project management processes, enabling users to initiate service requests, view project statuses, and upload the required documents seamlessly across various devices. Call volumes have decreased significantly and satisfaction among builders and contractors has increased, marking a pivotal step in the utility’s ongoing mission to embrace innovation in improving customer service.

We brought our expertise and experience in

  • Customer portals
  • User experience (UX)
  • User interface (UI)
  • React
  • Drupal
  • Acquia
  • SAP Gigya

100+ years of West Coast power

For more than a century, our client has provided electricity and natural gas to consumer and business customers in southern California. Today their service area spans 4,000+ miles, and their employees—more than 4,500 of them—serve over 3 million customers. The utility is a repeat winner of the ReliabilityOne® Award for outstanding reliability performance and has won accolades for its innovative approach to customer service.

The utility partnered with Logic20/20 to develop a responsive, UX-optimized builder services portal to consolidate builders’ service applications and updates in one easily accessible location.

Overhauling customer service for builders and contractors

Our client was facing considerable challenges in managing its interactions with builders and contractors. Their existing process was cumbersome and opaque, often described by users as a “black hole” where service requests seemed to disappear. Builders managing multiple projects found the experience particularly frustrating, as they had no visibility into the status of their requests unless they made time-consuming calls to the customer service team.

This lack of transparency and efficiency impeded the utility’s ability to provide optimal service, leading to increased call volumes and customer dissatisfaction. Existing digital tools were not tailored to the specific needs of builders and contractors, who required more robust functionalities to manage their projects effectively from the field.

It was clear the utility needed a unified platform that could offer real-time updates and streamline service requests, while also aligning with its goal of reducing operational bottlenecks. Recognizing these challenges, the utility partnered with Logic20/20 to leverage our expertise in creating sophisticated, user-centric digital solutions.

Building a new experience

To tackle the utility’s challenges and streamline the service experience for builders and contractors, Logic20/20 deployed a comprehensive solution centered around the creation of a new builder services portal. This digital platform consolidates all necessary functionalities into a single, user-friendly interface that serves both authenticated and non-authenticated users.

Enhanced user experience and accessibility

We enhanced user engagement by simplifying the interface and making it accessible across various devices. Extensive UX/UI design efforts ensure an intuitive experience for users to initiate service requests, upload documents, and check the status of ongoing projects, reducing the need to contact customer service directly.

Seamless back-end integration

Critical to the portal’s effectiveness is its integration with existing back-end systems like SAP and Drupal. This integration allows for real-time updates and ensures that all user actions on the portal are reflected across the utility’s internal systems without delay. We also implemented robust mobile responsiveness testing to guarantee consistent functionality across all device types, addressing the mobility needs of builders in the field.

Facilitating real-time data access and communication

The portal not only provides a platform for submitting and tracking service requests, but also includes features for real-time communication. Automated updates and notifications keep users informed about the latest developments in their projects, enhancing transparency and trust between builders and the utility.

Through these strategic implementations, Logic20/20 helped the utility transform how builders and contractors manage their projects, turning a previously cumbersome process into a streamlined, efficient experience.

Logic20/20’s comprehensive solution consolidates all necessary functionalities into a single, user-friendly interface that serves both authenticated and non-authenticated users.

Transforming user experiences

Logic20/20’s strategic enhancements to the builder services portal drove significant improvements in enhancing customer satisfaction, streamlining service request processing, using data as a strategic asset, and setting the stage for seamless adaptations to evolving customer expectations and new technologies.

Enhanced operational efficiency

By enabling builders and contractors to manage their projects independently through the portal, the utility saw a substantial reduction in call volumes to their customer service center. This shift not only freed up customer service representatives to focus on more complex inquiries and other value-added activities, but also reduced overall service request processing times.

Improved customer satisfaction

Builders have voiced their appreciation for the ability to manage their projects from the field without unnecessary delays or the need to call customer service. The capacity to track the progress of requests and receive updates in real time fosters a greater sense of control and satisfaction among users, which in turn enhance the utility’s reputation as a customer-centric organization.

Data-driven decision making

With the integration of real-time data handling and comprehensive analytics capabilities, the utility gains valuable insights into user behavior and portal effectiveness. These insights allow for continuous improvement of the platform, ensuring that it remains aligned with user needs and business objectives. The data collected also supports strategic decision making, helping the utility to better understand and anticipate builders’ needs and optimize service offerings accordingly.

Scalability and future-readiness

We designed the builder services portal with scalability in mind, allowing the utility to easily introduce additional functionalities and enhancements without significant overhauls. This forward-thinking approach ensures that the platform can evolve alongside emerging technologies and changing business requirements, creating a long-term solution for managing customer interactions.

Our strategic enhancements drove significant improvements in customer satisfaction, service request processing, and using data as a strategic asset.

Sustaining digital excellence in utility customer service

The builder services portal marks a significant stride in enhancing the utility’s digital interaction landscape for builders and contractors. This initiative streamlined complex processes, significantly reduced customers’ dependency on customer service calls, and provided a comprehensive platform for efficient project management. The project’s outcomes are a testament to the utility’s dedication to leveraging technology for improved service delivery and customer satisfaction, setting a new standard for operational efficiency in the utility sector.



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Mary Beth Gibson
Mary Beth Gibson is a Director in Logic20/20’s Digital Transformation practice.