At a glance:

We worked with the multinational technology company to build a dynamic market model. Our client wanted to expand into new markets where they had no presence by creating new use cases for their existing technologies. We researched the markets to determine where opportunities might exist, and presented them with a dynamic market model to target their marketing strategy.


Customer Challenge

The innovation group was looking for opportunities to enter new markets. They have a broad portfolio of technologies, and wanted to discover if any of their existing technologies would be valuable in markets they had not yet considered. They wanted information on how large these opportunities were, how they should be prioritized, and recommendations on how to approach each one.


Approach and Solution:

We assembled a dynamic market model based on extensive research to analyze the markets they were considering. We:

  • Identified and analyzed industry reports, met with industry analysts around the world, and performed field research to determine total market size and scope.
  • Discovered and researched entirely new markets to incorporate into the reports, beyond the ones that they were initially targeting.
  • Calculated the estimated market size for each use case, categorized by geographical region in a dynamic market model.


Value and Benefits – “The Wins”

We are helping our client discover new opportunities and target new markets with existing technologies by:

  • Presenting the dynamic market model and findings to executives, providing recommendations on which markets to pursue and how to go to market in each.
  • Facilitating the market targeting strategy, which relied on these findings to validate the opportunity identified in several unconsidered spaces.
  • Following up the research project with additional referred market sizing projects internal to the company, covering five disparate industries.


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