At a glance:

We worked with a Global Corneal Blindness Foundation, a leading non-profit eye bank that was looking to expand its operations. This company provides services related to the donation of eyes for medical and research purposes, and sought to better manage the process from end to end. We helped to develop new tools and processes so that the Foundation could begin to scale internationally.

Customer Challenge

The Global Corneal Blindness Foundation wanted a set of management tools to handle the eye donation process from end to end, with a streamlined process and reduced error rate. They were required to maintain compliance with PHI standards in various countries while simultaneously shifting their strategies to focus on global markets. To track all of these changes, the company also wanted a more robust reporting system to provide increased insight.

Approach and Solution:

We are working alongside global and regional subject matter experts to customize and implement an instance of Dynamics CRM. We:

  • Leveraged out of the box features to provide a flexible, easily configurable solution.
  • Automated processes to reduce the effort required by users and increase productivity.
  • Implemented a customized UI for every partner eye bank using SST BI.
  • Designed reports for executive tracking of customized monthly and quarterly metrics.

Value and Benefits – “the wins”

We facilitated the international growth and optimization of the Foundation by:

  • Reducing costs with flexible systems that can be deployed in different geographic regions, and empowering users to customize and configure their system and views.
  • Decreasing turnaround time while reducing development costs by leveraging a pre-packaged Dynamics CRM implementation.
  • Improving data purity with custom logic and data validation.
  • Identifying areas for improvement and training with improved reporting and analytics.

About the client

The Global Corneal Blindness Foundation is the leading eye bank in the United States, maintaining relationships with donors and recipients to provide transplant services. They provide tools, training, and resources to partnered eye banks to facilitate their capacity for serving the needs of the corneal blind.


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