How a financial institution preserved their reputation for outstanding service through a mindful digital strategy


At a glance

A large financial institution, known for great customer service, was having difficulty integrating online services to maintain their high standards. That’s why they contacted us.


Customer challenge

While our client had built a stellar reputation for customer service, their online services were falling short of the organization’s high standards. They had made several attempts to improve the online customer experience, but their aging, monolithic application consistently hindered their efforts. They also faced long lead times for any integrations between online services and the bank’s other applications — if those integrations were possible at all.


Why they chose us

The client had a long-standing relationship with us, having worked with us on numerous successful projects over several years. They were familiar with our digital strategy expertise and knew first-hand the quality of our work, which made us the ideal choice for helping them resolve this issue.


Approach and solution

We delivered a strategy that aligns our client’s digital architecture with their business goals through our proven approach to mindful digital transformation:

  • Current State Assessment: We evaluated our client’s entire digital footprint and identified opportunities for improvement.
  • Insights and Analysis: We took the time to understand our client’s internal and external customers and their expectations of the new digital architecture.
  • Innovation Roadmap: We worked with our client to pinpoint their precise digital objectives and built an integration model for achieving their goals.
  • Digital Scope: Rather than focusing only on the website, we took into consideration our client’s entire portfolio of digital assets.
  • Execution and Governance: Working with our client, we prioritized a list of deliverables and developed a plan incorporating the resources, timeline, and budget required. Among other improvements, we replaced their monolithic online services application with an agile microservices architecture.
  • Future-State Architecture: Technology is evolving continuously, and so are customer expectations. We executed a strategy that’s flexible enough to adapt to future variables, both internal and external.

Value and benefits – “The Wins”

As a result of designing and implementing a new digital strategy, our client realized a host of benefits, including

  • Improved performance across their online digital assets
  • Faster time-to-market for new features
  • Greater independence for lines of business to respond to customer expectations
  • Reduced pressure on IT to maintain a massive, monolithic application
  • Ability to create a premium online customer experience, now and in the future

Today our client has a digital strategy that enables them to continue earning high marks for service quality. Integrations between online services and the bank’s other applications happen seamlessly, customers enjoy a consistent experience across all online and offline services, and our client is ideally positioned to scale and adapt as they look to the future.


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