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What is Domain Driven Design? Domain-driven design (DDD) is a software design approach focusing on modelling software to match a domain according to input from that domain’s experts.

In this episode of DigitalNOW, data expert Mick Wagner sits down to interview Director and Architecture Practice Lead, Ilya Tsapin about what DDD is and how this approach is different from anything else. They’ll also chat about how DDD can help your business, when it makes sense to apply this approach, and some real-world examples.

Ilya Tsapin is a Director at Logic20/20 and lead of the architecture practice. He has in-depth experience in modern architectures and is a designer of complicated solutions. He has provided architecture expertise for our clients across numerous industries.

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Paul Lee

Ilya Tsapin is the Director of Technology Consulting at Logic20/20. With over 10 years of experience in algorithm development and data analysis, Ilya is proficient in large-scale projects required data gathering, modeling, and analysis.

Paul Lee

Mick Wagner is a Senior Solutions Architect in the Advanced Analytics practice at Logic20/20 and guest host for this episode of DigitalNOW.