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Thanks to advancements in machine learning, companies are now using this application of artificial intelligence to change the world. And right now, we could all use a little more good in the world. This tool can help us quickly find patterns, predict outcomes, and prevent crisis. Some of the ways it’s currently being used is to prevent wildfires, predict natural disasters, modify destructive human behavior and more that David will be discussing in this episode.

In this episode of DigitalNOW, we’re joined by Logic20/20 Lead Product Manager, David Williams. He explains more about what machine learning is, what technologies people are using, and how various organizations are using machine learning for good.

David Williams is a Lead Product Manager in our Digital Transformation practice at Logic20/20. Since receiving a Master of Science from the University of Denver, he has spent the last 11+ years working in product management roles across industries. David took a specific interest in machine learning after seeing the benefits his past company saw when manufacturing various software applications.

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