At a glance

A large enterprise in the healthcare industry needed help leveraging technology to realize its business goals and to maintain its leading position in a market where competition was quickly increasing.


Customer challenge

Our client had grown quickly in recent years; however, their IT systems had not evolved quickly enough to support the changing business needs. As a result, the business could not implement new products or run new marketing campaigns as quickly as needed. Every change required significant time and budget investments. Even small changes would take three months or longer to move to production, while larger changes often required nine months or more.


The client was a leader in a sector marked by escalating competition, so to maintain their edge, they needed a streamlined solution that would allow them to respond to customer expectations more quickly and efficiently.


Approach and solution

Logic20/20’s response to the client’s RFP clearly demonstrated our knowledge of enterprise architecture and enterprise data management — two of their most pressing concerns. The client appreciated our “just-in-time” approach to architecture, which would allow them to architect strategically for the future and still deliver business value quickly today. They also spoke to several of our references, who explained our process, our expertise, and how we integrate with their teams to quickly add value and produce exceptional results.


We designed and implemented a microservices architecture that enabled the client to break down their monolithic applications into smaller components and services. Because individual components can now be built once and re-used many times, the client can implement changes far more quickly and easily.


With the new architecture in place, the client is able to deliver new projects and functionalities in less than half the time and at half the cost. We also designed the system to enable business users to execute campaigns on their own, without the need to involve IT. Today the client is able to respond to evolving customer needs with the speed required to maintain its competitive edge and to preserve its status as a market leader.

“[Logic20/20] has been instrumental in helping us align IT with our overall business objectives, enabling us to better serve our customers.”

Client’s CIO

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