Logic20/20, a leading business and technology consulting firm, announced that they have partnered with Hazy, an experienced synthetic data company. Through this partnership, the two organizations will help their clients accelerate innovation using synthetic data, a safer alternative to real data.

Synthetic data is system-generated data that mirrors the characteristics of authentic data. This ground-breaking technology provides businesses with a way to protect core data while generating business insight. Given Hazy’s experience with synthetic data and Logic20/20’s expertise in data privacy, this partnership exploits the natural synergy between the two companies while addressing the burgeoning need for the conversion of data and alignment with data privacy regulations.

“With synthetic data, businesses can keep their customer data safe without sacrificing speed or innovation,” said Adam Cornille, Director at Logic20/20. “We are excited to be partnering with Hazy to provide businesses with a cost-effective solution that focuses on privacy and reducing risk.”

Consultants from Logic20/20 will work closely with customers from start to finish to deploy synthetic data solutions and ensure business value is delivered, all while keeping an eye towards data privacy. Hazy will provide their innovative synthetic data platform for conducting sophisticated data analysis. Together, the two organizations will help companies discover insights without compromising any private personal information.

“This partnership will enable us to provide the American market with a proven technology that is creating real, measurable value,” said Harry Keen, CEO of Hazy. “Synthetic data has been revolutionary for our customers, and we’re looking forward to sharing this safer alternative to real data with a wider audience.”

For more information on this partnership, visit: logic2020.com/hazy-partner.

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