Large bank trades monolithic application for an Agile microservices architecture.

At a glance

A large financial institution needed a solution to numerous problems arising from their legacy architecture for online customer services. That’s why they contacted us.

Customer challenge

Our client was facing an array of problems due to an aging, monolithic application for their online services. The outdated architecture was difficult and expensive to maintain, develop, and troubleshoot, and website performance was suffering. The online service application was also locked in with a single vendor, which hindered our client’s ability to make improvements to the user experience. Integrations with the bank’s other applications were either impossible — requiring data to be transferred manually — or demanded long lead times.

Why they chose us

We had been working with the client for several years and executed numerous successful projects for them. Given our successful track record and the high level of trust that we had earned, the client determined that we were the ideal choice to design and deliver a solution.

Approach and solution

We designed and implemented a microservices architecture that brought our client’s online service application components in house. We worked with them to build a distributed development model to enable each line of business to develop its own APIs as needed to execute new functionalities, with no vendor lock-in.

Value and benefits – “The Wins”

Our client’s new architecture is far easier to maintain and troubleshoot, as it involves smaller services instead of one monolithic application. Performance has improved, and time-to-market for new features has decreased, as each line of business can now make changes to its own microservices instead of waiting on IT to update a single all-encompassing application. Our client is able to move forward with the improvements necessary to create a premium online experience for their customers.


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