At a glance:

Our client, an innovative biotechnology company, is going through an acquisition and as a part of their transition, they need to create a new data warehouse and migrate to a new reporting platform. Logic20/20 is delivering an Oracle data warehouse that incorporates data from several systems and rebuilding current QlikView reports on a new instance of Qlik Sense.


Customer Challenge

As part of a post-acquisition transition, the biotech company needed a new data warehouse and reporting platform.


Approach and Solution:

Logic20/20 utilized an agile approach to quickly transition our client to the new data warehouse and BI platform. We:

  • Launched a discovery phase to establish reporting priorities and understand the biotechnology company’s specific Enterprise Data Warehouse needs.
  • Designed and delivered data warehouse, including data modeling and ETL process.
  • Refined Qlik Sense data model and designed and delivered reports.

Value and Benefits – “The Wins”

We designed the architecture for and built a new data warehouse and reporting platform to:

  • Reduce transition investment by enabling a quick shift to new platforms and environments.
  • Improve future insights and business agility with self-service reporting built on a reliable business intelligence platform.
  • Enable a culture of data-driven decisions with integrated information across systems.

About the client.

The client is a Seattle-based biotechnology company; its lead product is an immunotherapy drug.


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