We helped a startup assess whether they had the foundation they needed to achieve their strategic goals


At a Glance:

When a startup in the entertainment industry needed to assess whether their company had the people, skills, and culture needed to achieve their strategic goals, they contacted us.


Customer Challenge

Our client was a startup planning to introduce a new product to their market, which they viewed as a launching point for global growth. The company’s leadership had laid out their strategic goals as well as the tactical measures needed to achieve them. What they needed was an objective assessment to determine whether they had the right team members, the right skills, and the right culture to take them where they wanted to go. They knew that the sooner they identified and addressed any gaps in these areas, the more efficiently they could achieve their vision.

  • Lack of support for mobile devices
  • Disjointed experiences among the utility’s various customer sites, causing confusion among customers as they moved between platforms and resulting in increased traffic to the company’s more costly customer service channels
  • Ongoing site maintenance issues, including broken links, ineffective site search, outdated content, and thousands of pages with minimal views


Why They Chose Us

The company’s CFO had worked with us at his previous employer, where we had successfully delivered numerous projects, including assessments of personnel and technology tools. He knew he needed an experienced company with seasoned resources to deliver the strategic insights he needed from this initiative, and he chose us.


Value and Benefits – “The Wins”

We met with our client’s leadership to gain a thorough understanding of the company, their product, their strategic direction, and their growth targets, as well as their position in the market. Using these insights, we developed a plan to assess their team’s ability to execute their strategic goals.


We interviewed every team member in the company, with six specific objectives:

  • Assess whether the company was organized appropriately
  • Validate the skills of each individual in the organization
  • Determine whether the staff had the appropriate skills as a team to accomplish the company’s strategic and tactical goals
  • Determine what additional skills the company might need
  • Determine whether the company had the necessary processes and controls in place
  • Create a plan to address the gaps and necessary organizational changes

We presented our findings to the company’s CFO (based in the United States) and CEO (based in Germany). Both were appreciative of our work and pleased with the quality of the information we provided. They both felt they had the necessary information to make the strategic decisions that lay ahead.


Our client moved forward with the organizational changes we recommended. When they were ready to hire new talent, they invited us to conduct the interviews, confident in our ability to qualify candidates who could deliver what the business needs to be successful.


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