At a glance:

Xinova was restructuring their IT infrastructure into two different entities and wanted a cloud-base, fully separated IT environment. Logic20/20 supported this initiative by stabilizing their current environment and helping with the “lift and shift” in the new, cloud-based environment.

Customer Challenge

In light of their restructuring, Xinova wanted to create a more tailored IT environment focused on maintaining customer service and enhancing the customer experience. They also wanted to build an IT landscape that was tailored for growth and wanted to boost efficiency across multiple teams and systems.

Approach and Solution:

We worked with Xinova in four phases to help them achieve their end goals. We

  • Developed an IT roadmap of how to approach the system change, including migration, how to manage the parallel operations, and optimixation
  • Created a change management plan to roll out the new system in the organization, including user training
  • Developed business metrics to evaluate success

Value and Benefits – “the wins”

Through the change management operations and support, Xinova was able to successful restructure their IT systems and train their staff in the new mode of operations. This allowed for a higher-functioning team able to focus on the future growth of their company.

About Xinova

Founded in 2016, Xinova has a global network of over 10,000 inventors, technical experts, and research institutions. Their company focuses on helping their clients innovate with agility and efficiency to meet the needs of a rapidly changing world.


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