At a glance:

We worked with this American multinational technology company to help improve their understanding of their customer segments. The Cloud Platform group at the technology company leverages data analytics and machine learning to provide customers with secure and fully featured platforms for apps and websites. We used personas and customer segmentation to provide the client with a better understanding of their customers.

Customer Challenge

The technology company’s cloud platform sold services to a variety of customers, and wanted to better categorize the enterprise customers that purchased these services. Specifically, they needed to better understand each segment’s “X as a Service” drivers behind their purchases, so that they could anticipate market direction and customer needs, and optimize sales enablement.

Approach and Solution:

We examined customer data to define segments and create personas to categorize the broad types of customers their team serves. We:

  • Defined their various cloud platform customer segments, as well as customer personas to serve as a “north star” for a targeted go-to-market plan.
  • Created a roadmap for the development of assets to support customer enablement and acquisition.
  • Developed high-level messaging around this new go-to-market strategy to support marketing and presales for each persona.

Value and Benefits – “the wins”

We helped the company’s cloud platform team better understand their customers by:

  • Enabling smarter targeting by sales and marketing by providing a clear understanding of the drivers and values for key customer segments.
  • Streamlining the approach to sales by identifying the level of involvement and decision power each customer segment has, and using that knowledge to shift marketing strategy.
  • Delivering critical information as needed during each phase of the sales cycle, leading to an uptick in purchases.

About the client 

The American multinational technology company offers cloud platform services to enterprise customers that want to run apps and websites on robust and reliable infrastructure. They offer many different products to a variety of customers.


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