At a glance:

We are working with a local community health care organization to leverage technology to improve patient care. The network of clinics provides many services (health care, pharmacy, dental, and other services) to the community. We’re helping to build a data warehouse that will enable them to get a full picture of a client’s health; fully informed health care providers can better serve patients.

Customer Challenge

The health care organization needed a system to look at client records across the full set of services they provide; data stayed within the system for an individual clinic (for example, health clinics did not have access to dental records). They wanted a data warehouse to track patient and clinic information and to build reports used to improve patient care, clinic performance, and billing.

Approach and Solution:

We utilized the Microsoft BI stack as the foundation for the client’s new enterprise data warehouse. We:

  • Built a comprehensive data model and custom ETL processes to integrate data from four different EHR systems.
  • Worked with clinic managers and the technology team identify areas to improve efficiency in clinic management and billing.
  • Built new advanced visualizations using Power BI to enable data-driven decision making

Value and Benefits – “the wins”

We’re helping the Community Health Centers to improve health outcomes for their patients by:

  • Improving patient management with near real-time information has improved health outcomes.
  • Improved efficiency in the billing process for government paid clients
  • Identifying areas for clinic improvement via clinic data across all of the client’s operations.
  • Supporting the growth of their team with scalable data and reporting solutions.

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