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Supply chain resilience is the supply chain’s ability to be prepared for unexpected risk events, responding and recovering quickly to potential disruptions to return to its original situation or a more desirable state. There was no greater unexpected risk-event in recent years than the COVID-19 pandemic.

Covid is unique in that supply was disrupted across the globe and caused major shifts in demand. In this episode, we’re joined by Logic20/20 consultant, and supply chain expert, Elaine Cao. She explains what it means to be supply chain resilient, how to mitigate risk, and the major trends companies are seeing as they aim to be more flexible. She also speaks to how COVID has impacted supply chains across the globe and across industries. This could be everything from food supply, to the crazy toilet paper shortages we’ve been experiencing this past year.

Elaine Cao is an experienced business leader with experience in identifying market opportunities, creating meaningful solutions, and delivering bottom-line impact. She has spent the last 18 years of her career working in supply chain in operations, and has a personal and professional interest in supply chain management. Elaine has a Masters in Engineering Logistics and Supply Chain Management from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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