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You and your business understand why analytics are important. You’ve invested in data, analytics, technology, and the cloud. But what if you’re not seeing results?

In this episode, our Advanced Analytics Practice Area Lead, Mick Wagner, joins Matt to talk about data-driven decision making and how to make sure that you’re getting the best ROI on your data investments. Mick pinpoints the reasons teams might not be adopting technology and building a data-driven culture, how to build the right teams, and how to unleash the power of data as a strategic asset.

Mick Wagner is a Senior Solutions Architect at Logic20/20 and Practice Area Lead of our Advanced Analytics practice. He is responsible for defining future practice capabilities, go to market offerings, strategy, delivery quality assurance, delivering complex projects, enabling client outcomes, and developing the organization. He is a proven leader in analytics helping teams succeed in providing simple solutions to complex problems spanning the entire data lifecycle including strategy, solution architecture, data management, and data visualizations. He is passionate about using data to drive impactful business change, coaching clients in data analytics, and helping grow both the business and careers of his teammates.

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