At a glance

A steady stream of customer complaints convinced a major healthcare enterprise that the user experience on their online order center needed an overhaul.


Customer challenge

A Fortune 100 healthcare company was receiving customer complaints about the functionality and user experience of their online order center as compared with those of their competitors. Stakeholders realized that frustration with the site was causing an additional burden on their call center as well as a loss of customers, which had a negative impact on revenues.


Our client’s leadership identified a series of goals, including

  • Increasing average order value
  • Reducing call center volume
  • Providing a more robust reporting experience
  • Increasing customer satisfaction

We determined that the key to meeting all these goals and delighting our client’s customers was creating an enhanced user experience.


Approach and solution

This client had maintained a successful relationship with Logic20/20 for more than a decade, during which we had repeatedly demonstrated our ability to deliver complex projects with top-quality work. This positive track record, combined with our expertise in user experience and creative design, made us an ideal choice to take on this project.


We started by interviewing internal stakeholders and current users to establish the requirements for the future state of our client’s order center. From these requirements, we created a more comprehensive and intuitive user experience to give their customers the enhanced functions they were asking for.


Logic20/20 developed an interactive prototype of new features and iteratively tested it with users. We incorporated their feedback into the prototype to ensure that the experience met user needs and exceeded their expectations. Our team also worked closely with our client to ensure that everything we designed for them could be developed using their existing resources.



This project delivered numerous benefits to our client, including

  • 25% reduction in call center volume
  • Improved customer satisfaction with the ordering system
  • Increased order volume
  • Reduction in customer loss
  • Enhanced and dynamic reporting

The new customer experience we created for our client has helped reaffirm their position as an industry leader and increased overall customer satisfaction — helping them leapfrog their biggest competitors along the way.


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