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Quick summary: Our firm received a leading-edge patent related to positional tracking systems.

Logic20/20, a business and technology consulting firm, announced today that they have received a patent related to positional tracking systems. This patent outlines a new system and method for using positioning data in electronic communication networks.

This first-of-its-kind solution directly aligns with Logic20/20’s focus on innovation. The firm is committed to bringing impactful ideas to market that make a difference in the lives of millions. This innovation strategy has led to the creation of leading-edge products and gives employees the opportunity to experiment and tap into their creativity.

“We encourage our consultants to think outside the box and develop solutions that have real-world impact,” says Travis Jones, SVP of North America. “Being issued this patent is a huge step forward and an amazing illustration of our teams working together to create a forward-looking solution.”

Specifically, the patented approach allows users to co-locate and navigate assets while mini­mizing unnecessary radio transmissions and receptions. The developers saw a real business need for positioning devices and trackers in a way that consumes less power. Streamlining both the tracker and the asset being tracked results in less power being used and longer battery life.

This advanced approach to co-location will be available to interested parties for a fee. If you’re interested, you can read the publicly available text of the patent.

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Courtney Lynch is the Senior PR & Marketing Specialist at Logic20/20 and media contact.