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How are your efforts recognized at work? Whether through verbal acknowledgements, a gift card, or grand gestures, it feels good to be appreciated.


At Logic20/20, we make this a priority, which is part of why we have been awarded Seattle Business Magazine’s Best Places to Work for the past four years. Today, we’re proud to introduce one of our employee recognition awards: The Logical Values Award.


This honor is bestowed twice per year upon an exceptional Logic20/20 employee that exemplifies our company values: Act with Integrity, Drive Toward Excellence, and Foster a Culture of We. The prize? Logic20/20 finances a trip for the employee.


“The fabric of a successful consulting organization is made up of the relentless and creative efforts of its people. The winners of this award put so much of their time into our company and have gone above and beyond. We want to go above and beyond to give them something like that in return,” said Consulting General Manager Will Schmidt. “This is also a great way to get people engaged in our culture and encourage growth of the individual and the entire company.”


Open to all employees, the prize follows the winner’s year of exceptional service. The recipient then works with Logic20/20 leadership to plan their adventure.


“This award is a testament to the great people we hire, the excellent teams we can provide clients, and the fantastic environment recruits can become a part of,” said Logic20/20 CEO Christian O’Meara. “In my life, travel has been monumental. I’m really happy that we can provide this opportunity.”


We are thrilled to be able to honor our employees with this gift. We look forward to telling you about our winners! Learn more about the award and our values here.


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