The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about sweeping changes to the ways we live, work, and come together. The ways in which we experience and support our communities has had to shift to virtual communications and fundraising, a difficult but critical transition during this isolating time.

One Seattle-based organization experiencing this change is the Program for Early Parent Support (PEPS). PEPS provides vital assistance to new parents in the Puget Sound region of Washington by creating a community for people with shared experiences. They establish support groups with trained facilitators and provide education for parents during a time that can be both overwhelming and isolating.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, PEPS has transitioned 78 groups from in-person to virtual and launched an additional 108 new virtual groups, connecting more than 3,000 parents. They also shifted their annual fundraiser to take place online. This event, their largest annual fundraiser, is integral in helping PEPS raise funds to expand their programs and serve parents through their services.

Logic20/20’s Commitment to PEPS

Logic20/20, a business and technology consulting firm headquartered in Seattle, has long been a supporter of the PEPS organization. The firm’s leadership recognizes that it is more critical than ever to give back to PEPS as they work to assist families in our community. At the organization’s most recent event, the 2021 Resilient Together Benefit, Logic20/20 made a donation to help them expand their 2021 programming.

“Our organization finds supporting PEPS to be an incredibly rewarding way to give back,” says Travis Jones, Senior Vice President of Logic20/20. “At Logic20/20, we have strong values around building community, and we are keen to support local outreach organizations that build that support network for others. PEPS continues to do that and provides a safe and supportive space for Seattle families.”

How You Can Help

As a community, we’ve now been experiencing the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic for a full year. It’s important to come together and find ways to continue to support each other and organizations like PEPS. For us at Logic20/20, this meant providing financial support, but there are many other ways to get involved.

The most vital time to invest in a child’s life is during their first 1,000 days. Monetary donations help PEPS provide financial assistance to families, improve programming, and reach new families.

Another way to give back in a meaningful way is through volunteering your time. 81 percent of PEPS groups are facilitated by volunteers, and more than 200 volunteers led groups for the organization in 2020. All groups are currently meeting virtually and will continue to be virtual until further notice.

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Courtney Lynch is the media contact and Marketing & Public Relations Specialist at Logic20/20. She has spent the last 7 years working in PR and Marketing in various markets, and joined the Logic20/20 team to spearhead PR initiatives as well as help with general marketing.