This financial services organization harnessed the power of their data by implementing a real-time reporting infrastructure.


At a glance

When a fast-growing financial services company needed better visibility into their sales results to support geo-targeted, real-time decision making, they contacted us.


Customer challenge

When this client came to us, they had no on-premise data warehouse to store their vast amount of transactional results. Their in-house analytical software could not keep up with their growing database and did not deliver the dynamic reporting options that would have allowed our client to run basic analytics. To run any report, regardless of scope, they had to abstract an entire data set for processing, a procedure that was both inefficient and prohibitively time consuming.


High-level reporting was limited to static reports, which inhibited the leadership’s ability to make real-time business decisions — a major obstacle to further growth.


Why they chose us

Our partners at Birst had recommended us for this project based on our track record of successful projects with them. The combination of our expertise in data integration and our experience with the Birst platform made us the ideal choice to transform the client’s reporting systems and processes.


Approach and solution

We implemented a solution that seamlessly integrates with our client’s data sources to address their current and future reporting needs. We conducted an extensive data integration from our client’s existing database to the new reporting platform and created a new automated reporting process.


We also trained our client’s analytics and IT teams on using the new platform, enabling them to interact with the new data source, troubleshoot problems, and create new reports independently.


Value and benefits – “The Wins”

Our client’s new platform allows fresh data to feed into the database daily, providing their executives visibility into real-time results and enabling high-touch, meaningful decision making. Leadership can access information directly, without the assistance of their data analysts. The new reporting system has improved efficiency at the organizational level and opened up bandwidth for analysts to focus on strategic initiatives. Our client’s executives can now use this accurate and timely data to make informed business decisions.


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