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Julie brings three decades of financial expertise to the consulting firm as its new Chief Financial Officer.

Logic20/20, a leading business and technology consulting firm, is thrilled to announce the appointment of Julie Meredith as its new Chief Financial Officer (CFO). With her extensive financial acumen and strategic vision, she is poised to drive the firm’s financial growth and elevate its client services.

Julie has a proven history of driving financial success in diverse and dynamic environments, previously serving as the Chief Financial Officer for the Global Good Fund at Intellectual Ventures. During her tenure, she played a pivotal role in presenting financial strategies to key stakeholders while managing a multi-million-dollar budget.

Julie started her new role on March 4, replacing former CFO Ellen Boyer, who will be retiring after 10 years at Logic20/20.

“We’re delighted to welcome Julie to our executive team. Her expertise will be instrumental in furthering our financial ambitions while advancing our existing capabilities,” said Christian O’Meara, CEO of Logic20/20. “Julie’s arrival marks an exciting new chapter for Logic20/20, and we look forward to her becoming an invaluable asset to the team as we continue pursuing strategic objectives that drive sustainable growth.”

Christian also expressed his gratitude to Ellen: “Ellen’s made an indelible impact on our organization throughout her time at Logic20/20. Her financial guidance helped us navigate through unpredictable moments and set us on a path to continued success. We wish her all the best in her retirement and future endeavors.”

Julie has consistently demonstrated her ability to streamline processes, optimize financial performance, and foster growth opportunities. Throughout her career, she has led numerous high-performing teams, implemented cutting-edge financial systems, and navigated complex financial landscapes with finesse and acumen.

“I am honored to take on the role of Chief Financial Officer at Logic20/20,” said Julie. “I look forward to working closely with our team and focusing on boosting the financial future of the company. I am excited about what lies ahead for our business and the industry.”

Julie brings decades of finance leadership experience and an extensive record of delivering results. As CFO, Julie will lead the company’s all-up financial operations.


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