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A global biotechnology company was seeking strategies to help them scale quickly in the face of sudden business growth. Their teams in I.T. and other areas were struggling to keep pace with the demands of the business’ expanded scope and international footprint. Logic20/20 delivered a robust, multi-year strategy encompassing sponsorship development, people management, and integration of change management practices, processes, principles within product program and product lifecycles.

We brought our expertise and experience in

  • Change management
  • Leadership development
  • Change management maturity
  • Product management coaching

Leading the way in cancer treatments

For more than two decades, our client has been developing breakthrough non-chemo-based cancer treatments that deeply impact patients’ lives. Today, they are a life sciences industry leader with an expanded product line and a growing global reach.

Growing into a rapid expansion

In a period of just a few years, our client had grown their product portfolio four-fold—with more than 30 more in the pipeline—and expanded their operations beyond their country of origin to become a global organization. As a result of this rapid expansion, their teams in I.T. as well as operations, compliance, and other areas quickly became overwhelmed dealing with their increased workloads. The business wanted to invest in automation to help reduce manual effort, but lacked the structure and strategy for implementing the associated changes in technologies and processes.

The organization also lacked a cohesive approach to change management. The changes that were occurring involved a broad range of third-party solution providers, each of which came in with their own change strategy, resulting in dramatically diverse experiences across different teams and different workflows.

Building a roadmap for change

Initially, the client had approached Logic20/20 for a 30-day plan, but it quickly became apparent that they needed a more robust solution. In addition to their recent expansion, they had experienced changes in leadership and overall enterprise strategy, which were driving massive transformations across the entire organization.

Our change management team developed and led implementation of a multi-year strategy for embedding, integrating, and standardizing change management practices, processes, principles within program and product lifecycles. The strategic roadmap also encompasses

  • Core competencies for growing and transforming enterprises
  • Sponsorship development
  • Leadership competency
  • Human resources and talent acquisition competencies

Cultivating a product management mindset

Logic20/20’s engagement with this client is ongoing, and we have received overwhelmingly positive feedback from I.T.’s internal customers. Change sponsors are effectively leading and managing their own initiatives, requiring less and less guidance as they grow into their evolving roles.

Today, the business is monitoring, managing, and responding to end-user readiness in high-risk programs and projects, ensuring that all those impacted by these changes have a voice in guiding the initiative. As for Logic20/20, the client recently entrusted us with IT changes supporting a major transformation valued at $500 million—a testament to the trust that we have built and continue to build.

Paving the way for the future

Logic20/20 guided—and continues to guide—this global enterprise through a period of extraordinary change. Thanks to our work with change sponsors in I.T. and other areas, their internal customers have a seat at the table and a continuous two-way communication channel, imparting a sense of ownership and facilitating buy-in. As a result, the initial sense of overwhelm has diminished considerably, clearing a path for a smooth transformation that all stakeholders can feel good about supporting.

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