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Quick summary: Lessons learned from a telecom industry leader can help healthcare organizations advance in their own digital transformation journeys. Find out how from Travis Jones, whose insights were recently featured in Fast Company.


On the surface, telecom and healthcare might appear to have little in common, but on closer examination, some key shared traits and experiences become apparent.


Like many large healthcare providers, most telecoms trace their founding back to the early 20th century or even further—and they’ve incurred a lot of legacy baggage along the way. Both industries are highly regulated and have special concerns regarding data privacy. Both are built on human-to-human interaction (anyone else remember the old “reach out and touch someone” ads?), and both serve consumers who expect personalized experiences.

In a recent article in Fast Company, Logic20/20 Senior Vice President Travis Jones shares three insights from our work in telecom that can help healthcare organizations advance towards their digital transformation goals.

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Paul Lee

Travis Jones is the Senior Vice President of Sales Operations & Administration at Logic20/20.