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Quick summary: Logic20/20 supported Rainier Scholars’ Career & Leadership Weekend by helping students identify and leverage their unique talents. 


As one of Seattle’s top seven companies to work for, Logic20/20 is committed to supporting the emerging talent in our community. It is at the core of who we are, not just as a company, but as members of this community in which we live and work. We uphold our commitment to being a positive presence in the professional journeys of local youth, especially as their career paths sometimes lead them to Logic20/20.


Rainier Scholars is a Seattle nonprofit working to build a more equitable society through the education and empowerment of underrepresented students of color. With a focus on college access and career exploration, the organization creates a space for young people to shine in their own potential and realize their dreams. We know—and Rainier Scholars knows—that these students already possess all the talent, intelligence, and character they need to succeed. We have the opportunity as mentors to help demystify professional spaces and dismantle the systemic barriers that can get in the way of success.



On December 17–19, 2022, a group of Logicians volunteered their time, efforts, and expertise to support Rainier Scholar’s Career & Leadership Weekend. The team presented a workshop where students learned how to identify their “superpowers”—the skills and strengths that make them unique—and translate those assets into personal development and professional opportunities. 


The event began with personal stories from our team members to connect and inspire, followed by sessions designed to encourage students to recognize their own distinctive gifts. Our team then shared some of the top skills that today’s employers are looking for.

By drawing these comparisons, students were able to see how their strengths can evolve over time and become the factors that set them apart when they enter the workforce. They also learned that areas where they have potential for growth could become opportunities to collaborate with peers (or colleagues) and problem-solve as a team.

“We talked with them about letting the skills they love guide how they move forward in their careers, instead of feeling that they have to be experts in everything. A lot of the students felt like they needed a job, and I tried to communicate that the job actually needs them!”

-Alyssa Gaston, Developer


By sharing meaningful experiences outside of everyday work tasks, Logicians strengthen our professional relationships with one another. When we can see our peers in new environments using new skills, we can gain a better understanding of who we are as people.


“Working with local community youth has always added such enrichment to my life. To be able to do this kind of work not only on behalf of my company, but be wholly encouraged by the organization to do so, just makes the experience that much better. As a member of the neurodivergent community, I enjoy being able to share my personal story of growth—to be able to tell them that yes, you can succeed with your professional goals aspirations, despite having a different way of working through the world.” 

-Lauren Mullis, Senior Internal Communications & Engagement Specialist



Sustained involvement with local nonprofits is one way that Logic20/20 exemplifies our “Culture of We.” Our company will continue to be a part of the holistic community that celebrates and encourages Seattle youth for years to come.

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