Today’s energy customers have choices, and the customer experiences offered by their local utilities are weighing heavily in their decisions. Utilities can meet their expectations by leveraging technology—self-service portals, omnichannel service, and smart agent tools—to create an experience that will grow lifelong customers who trust their providers.

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Excerpt from Powering up the customer experience

Even though customers cite phone calls as their No. 1 preferred channel, the average caller experience continues to leave room for improvement. When agents are forced to hunt around for the information needed to resolve customer issues, frustration results on both sides of the interaction: the agent may have to access several resources before finding the answers they need, forcing the customer to wait … and wait … and wait …

Contrast this situation with one in which agents have a smart application that provides instant access to data from sales, marketing, and other internal areas as well as outside resources. Because automated platforms can access multiple sources of data simultaneously, finding the right answer to the customer’s issue—and delivering it directly to the agent— takes only a moment.

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