May 23: 10AM PT/1PM ET

Generative AI (Gen AI) promises a transformative future, but navigating its current state can be daunting. Executives face critical questions, including: How can I identify the right use cases for my organization? What solutions offer the best ROI? Where do I even begin? 

Join Logic20/20’s Digital Transformation Manager Daniel Beecham for this exclusive webinar designed for leaders keen to discuss the power and promise of Gen AI for their organizations.  

We’ll equip attendees with critical information to: 

  • Systematically evaluate your organization’s data landscape and identify high-impact Gen AI use cases. 
  • Develop a data-informed approach to solution selection, ensuring optimal alignment with your business goals. 
  • Craft a comprehensive implementation plan that minimizes risk and maximizes ROI. 

Stop wondering “when” and start experiencing the current enterprise benefits of Gen AI.  

Secure your spot today! 

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    Mike Cohen is the Senior PR & Marketing Specialist at Logic20/20 and media contact.