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Quick summary: How Logic20/20 invests in our consultants by helping them develop skills in client delivery, repeatable solutions, and business development

What do the best consultants all have in common? Growth mindset.

At Logic20/20, we pride ourselves on our values: Culture of We, Drive Towards Excellence, and Act with Integrity. Part of what makes us unique is our commitment to growth—both as an organization and for our consultants. We invest in and support our consultants by giving them a roadmap and training to develop growth-oriented skills, particularly in three categories: client delivery, repeatable solutions, and business development

Client delivery

In the area of client delivery, it’s important for consultants to be seen as trusted advisors. Regardless of title, leadership is more a matter of influence than position. That means it’s within your wheelhouse to be creative and proactive in your solutioning to earn the trust of your client. It’s a can-do attitude that empowers you to identify solutions instead of simply surfacing issues.

There’s a scene in the movie “The Devil Wears Prada” where the assistant—who has an insufferable boss with unrealistic expectations—finally identifies how to deliver to exceed expectations. Her boss asks for the unpublished manuscript of the new and unreleased Harry Potter book within four hours. The assistant’s first reaction is to see this as an impossible task, but then she starts making calls. Because she has built key relationships around the industry, she is actually able to procure a copy. She then has the manuscript copied and bound to look like actual books, and when her boss asks her for the copy, the assistant explains how the children are already on the train to their grandma’s house reading the books. The camera cuts to the kids thumbing through their new adventure.

While this is a Hollywood story, the lesson learned is that we can think differently and find a way to deliver and exceed expectations.

Leadership is a can-do attitude that empowers you to identify solutions instead of simply surfacing issues.

Repeatable solutions

If there is a common problem across an industry, odds are there’s a way to create a common solution, or at least a framework for delivering work in a more efficient manner. At Logic20/20, we are encouraged to be entrepreneurial and to dream big. There are people and communities of practice dedicated to developing solutions to take to market.

We believe if you can dream it, you can do it, and we want people to be involved in developing solutions that can help our colleagues and clients solve the hardest challenges.

Our consultants leverage their expertise and experience to deliver great work while identifying new opportunities to solve problems for our client.

Business development

Through business development, our consultants learn how to engage with a network, how to be ready to address the problems Logic teams solve, and how to find new opportunities to sell more of the same work—or new and unique work.

My dad, a broker in residential real estate for over 45 years, will occasionally offer a bite-sized word of wisdom. During a recent conversation, I gave him an update on my current project and how I was able to procure an opportunity to cross-sell some work. He said his classic line to draw my attention: “Nick, can I tell you something?” “Yes, Dad. Always.” He said, “You’re always selling.”

I never took him to be a salesperson, by personality. His demeanor is reserved, passive, humble, and nose-to-the-grindstone, and with it he’s had quite the career. What I did see my dad do is this: he was consistent with his morning routine, he fielded every call having already done his research to proactively address client needs, and he built relationships with integrity. He is trusted and dependable, and he goes the extra mile to take care of you.

This is how I think my dad defined “always selling”: continually identifying the needs of his clients and delivering. It just so happens that as a byproduct, sales and referrals follow, and the same applies to consulting in our line of work. As the expression goes, “if networking feels wrong, you’re doing it wrong,” which is why we want to develop staff to be consulting leaders who reflect our values.

In sum, consulting leadership requires strong delivery, creating high-quality/repeatable solutions, and building client relationships with integrity. Our consultants leverage their expertise and experience to deliver great work while identifying new opportunities to solve problems for our client. We also believe this is what it means to be a Logic20/20 consultant, which is why we are dedicated to growth, both for our consultants and for us as a company.

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Nick Ravi-Johnson

Nick Ravi-Johnson is a Senior Consultant in Logic20/20’s Strategy & Operations practice.