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The DERMS Strategy: Unlocking the full value of DERs integration

Join industry experts Alex Lago and Michael Emmanuel as they discuss how utilities can manage and prioritize DERMS business cases and select the right integrated or stand-alone vendor.

Wednesday, February 28, 2-2:30PM

City of the Future, Transformation Place Theater: Booth #2071


UA Summit 2024 – April 9-11

Join us in Nashville, April 9-11, for hosted events and presentations. Visit us all week to learn how we’re transforming utility operations.

Renewable energy forecasting with AI and machine learning

5-minute readQuick summary: Faced with the shortcomings of traditional forecasting methods in dealing with the intermittent nature of renewable energy sources, utilities are uncovering new possibilities with AI- and machine learning–powered...

Case study: Elevating emergency response: A utility’s journey to resiliency in the cloud

4-minute readSnapshot When a major West Coast utility set out to enhance the resiliency of critical public safety applications and the underlying infrastructure supporting their Emergency Operations Center (EOC), they turned to their long-standing...

How the role of DER aggregators is changing—and how AI can help them adapt

5-minute readQuick summary: Where DER aggregators have come from, where they stand today, and the AI-driven tools and technologies that can help them adapt to their role in shaping the grid of the future The marvel of engineering known as the U.S....

Preparing your teams for Synapse: why SQL Server expertise isn’t enough

3-minute readQuick summary: Teams migrating to Azure Synapse Analytics from SQL Server must rethink their approaches to data distribution, querying, and performance tuning to optimize use of Synapse's capabilities. A core strength of Azure Synapse...

Logic20/20 Celebrates Eight Years of Excellence as a Seattle Business Magazine Best Company to Work For

2-minute readLogic20/20, a business and technology consulting firm, was named one of The Best Companies to Work For by Seattle Business magazine, marking the firm’s eighth consecutive year on the list, ranking 8th in the Medium Company category....

Are you GenAI-ready … or just GenAI-hopeful? A real-world guide to generative AI readiness

Explore the critical steps for evolving from enthusiasm to true generative AI readiness through practical measures in business strategy, IT strategy, and AI governance.

Navigating DERMS implementation: essential strategies for data system integration

8-minute readQuick summary: We explore four starting steps to help utilities ensure optimized integration of a distributed energy resource management system (DERMS) with their existing data platforms. The proposed integration framework recognizes...

How AI helps financial services firms stay ahead of the compliance curve

3-minute readQuick summary: By incorporating AI into compliance operations, financial services organizations can uncover opportunities to automate routine aspects of regulatory compliance, analyze and process massive amounts of data from multiple...

Understanding data mesh: revolutionizing enterprise data management with Microsoft Fabric

6-minute readQuick summary: Exploring the core principles of data mesh and its practical applications within Microsoft Fabric Enterprises are constantly seeking innovative methods for managing their vast data landscapes efficiently. Data mesh has...


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