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The DERMS Strategy: Unlocking the full value of DERs integration

Join industry experts Alex Lago and Michael Emmanuel as they discuss how utilities can manage and prioritize DERMS business cases and select the right integrated or stand-alone vendor.

Wednesday, February 28, 2-2:30PM

City of the Future, Transformation Place Theater: Booth #2071


Enhancing knowledge base interactions with RAG architecture

7-minute readQuick summary: Integrating retrieval-augmented generation (RAG) architecture into knowledge bases transforms data utilization, enabling users to quickly find information while freeing subject matter experts to focus on complex tasks....

Multicloud vs. hybrid cloud: Decision guide for utilities

9-minute readQuick summary: How to choose the right cloud strategy—multicloud or hybrid cloud—to meet your utility’s specific needs The energy and utilities industry is undergoing a digital transformation, driven by renewable energy integration,...

Hydrogen’s emerging role in the green energy sector

11-minute readQuick summary: Advancements in green hydrogen energy production and infrastructure are making it a promising clean-energy solution for hard-to-electrify sectors, transportation, and long-term storage, paving the way for a sustainable...

Goodbye omnichannel service, hello optichannel strategy

5-minute readQuick summary: Customer service organizations are shifting from omnichannel service to an optichannel approach, streamlining interactions to focus on optimizing the most effective channels for ideal customer experiences. In a recent...

Agile leadership: The driving force for Agile transformation

5-minute readQuick summary: How intentional development of Agile leaders provides the driving force behind the journey towards Agile transformation Do a Google search for “Agile transformation” and you’ll end up with just shy of 140 million...

Case study: Crafting a business case for image analytics

3-minute readSnapshot When a major Midwestern utility needed to make a strong business case for expanding their drone image analytics program, they contacted Logic20/20. In just seven weeks, our experts conducted a thorough assessment of the...

Transforming customer experiences through sentiment analysis

3-minute readQuick summary: Advanced sentiment analysis solutions give businesses the granular insights they need to respond to continuously escalating customer expectations. Find out how from Travis Jones, whose insights on the subject recently...

The cornerstones of grid modernization: Overcoming challenges for success

5-minute readQuick summary: By adopting strategies focused on employee engagement and adoption, utilities can help ensure the success of even the most ambitious grid modernization programs. The modernization of our electrical grid is crucial for...

Case study: Digital transformation of aerial imagery asset inspection

4-minute readSnapshot In the aftermath of a series of wildfires caused by aging infrastructure, one utility company began a systematic inspection process using images captured by drones and helicopters to identify maintenance needs before they...

Case study: Enhancing builder services with an advanced digital portal

4-minute readSnapshot A large West Coast utility recognized the need to improve service customer experiences for builders and contractors. They partnered with Logic20/20 to develop a responsive, UX-optimized builder services portal to consolidate...


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